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Key Features:

- One RS422/485 input, dipswitch selectable. The baud rates and parity for
Pelco P/D and Vicon protocols are variable
- 16 individual outputs of coax telemetry are provided. Each output
connects to a single receiver
- Multiple PTZTRANSMITTERS16 can be cascaded together, giving up to 256 camera outputs


Power Supply 9V DC 500mA
Inputs 2 wire RS422, 2 wire Simplex and 4 wire duplex; switch selectable input protocol
Outputs 8 x coax telemetry
Cable distances CAT5: 1200m
RG59 - 250m
CT125 - 500m
Features LED as power indication
Dimensions (boxed) 425(W) X 110(D) X 43(H) mm
Weight 1.7Kg