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Staffordshire Police Headquaters

The force area of Staffordshire Police includes one of the largest shire counties in England, covering more than 1,000 square miles. It has a population of more than 1,000,000 and a rich diversity of communities, all with their own specific policing needs.

Staffordshire Police have been working exclusively with LUXRITE since 2010. In this time they have purchased over 25 units of VECTUS S-Class DVRs (VTDVR16S) with 12TB of storage in each, along with various cameras including over 40pcs of box cameras (SPK54), extra low lux dome cameras (SPDND60/2811V), 600TVL IR dome cameras (SPD60/2810R) and IR PTZ cameras (SPPTZ58/27XR) to be used at their HQ and various sites across the county.
Staffordshire Police is a unique client with specific needs and we have worked closely with them to ensure these needs are met to the highest standard.


O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited and is a leading digital communications company with the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider, according to Ofcom. With over 23 million customers, O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the UK, as well as operating O2 Wifi and owning half of Tesco Mobile. O2 has over 450 retail stores and sponsors The O2, O2 Academy venues and the England rugby team.

Luxrite's VECTUS UNIVERSAL DVR's have been installed in at least 50 sites with more to follow. All sites are recording at 1080p 25fps in order to achieve the best HD-SDI quality possible. This unit has been selected for its performance, quality and easy to use menu interface.

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Franchises

What started out as a single Hut in Islington, London, is now over 700 Restaurants and Delivery outlets up and down the UK.

Luxrite's SPRO DVR range and cameras were installed on 9 test sites which have performed exceptionally well. These are now to be rolled out across a further 300 stores! The Pizza Hut staff loved how easy the system was to network and connect to their mobile phones.

McDonald's Franchises

McDonald's is the largest food service company and leading global foodservice retailer with more than 33,000 local restaurants and serving more than 64 million people in 121 countries each day. In 1997, McDonald's was recognised as the world's leading brand.

After evaluating a number of other options the client selected the VECTUS range for this project
due to its excellent performance. Our VECTUS DVRs are fully integrated with their exisiting CCTV equipment, meaning the client doesn't have to spend a fortune on replacing their entire existing CCTV system, but still have improved and advanced surveillance results. Our VECTUS S-Class DVR (VTDVR16S) is currently being rolled out to a number of McDonald's franchises with great success including sites in Warrington, Birchwood, Bolton and Newton-le-Willows to name but a few.
It is an ongoing project which LUXRITE is privileged to be involved in.

McDonald's Franchises

In the UK, The Range is recognised for its unique variety with more than 65,000 quality products across 16 departments including DIY, Homewares, Furniture, Lighting, Arts & Crafts and Garden.

The Range is currently undergoing and nationwide rollout with over 40 units of VTDVR16S, 50pcs of SPD60/2811R and 200pcs of SPDND60/2811 being installed in more than 20 of their stores across the country. This is a combination of fresh installs on new stores as well as retro fitting existing stores replacing the existing equipment.

In most cases multiple DVRs are networked and viewed back as one complete system using the advanced VECTUS monitoring software supplied with the equipment. The SPDND60/2811 which are used internally are not only high resolution but also capable of 3D Digital Noise Reduction which works excellently in a busy shop environment.


In 2003 Wasabi became the first company in the UK to sell individually wrapped pieces of sushi, offering customers a beautifully wide choice and the chance to truly experiment with the fresh delights of Japanese cuisine. Wasabi expanded rapidly over the next decade and plans to continue at the current rate of expansion, with further branch openings planned for 2011, and throughout the next two years.

Wasabi have recently installed low lux indoor camera SPDND60-2811 and VECTUS S-Class DVR (VTDVR16S) in their flagship restaurant in Bishopsgate, London. This went so well they have decided to proceed with a similar install across another 6 sites immediately. This is an ongoing project that LUXRITE is delighted to be a part of.


Shopping Centres and shopping malls LUXRITE currently work with are:
- Castle Dene Shopping Centre, Peterlee, Durham
- Cibi Walk Shopping Centre, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
- Marlands Shopping Centre, Southampton
- Sunbury Cross Shopping Centre, Sunbury
- Leisure West Shopping Centre, Harrow, Middlesex
- Gracechurch Shopping Centre, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
- Westwood Cross Shopping Centre, Kent
- Orchards Shopping Centre, Dartford, Kent
- Harlequin Shopping Centre, Watford
- Friars Square Shopping Centre, Aylesbury
- County Square Shopping Centre

We have supplied more than 30 units of VECTUS S-Class DVRs (VTDVR16S) across shopping
centres and malls in the UK. Due to its high end performance, real time 25fps on every channel at D1 resolution, this unit has been repeatedly selected and trusted to execute strict security guidelines.

The Connaught Hotel Mayfair

One of London’s most prestigious and luxury 5 star hotels, the Connaught, is found in the heart of fashionable Mayfair. Modern art and up-to-date technology mixed with faithfully restored period features, offer visitors ultimate comfort in a designer hotel in central London.

The Connaught Hotel has recently replaced their entire CCTV recording system with 7 units of
8TB VECTUS S-Class DVRs (VTDVR16S). These have been networked to be monitored using the powerful new VECTUS VMS software which can be used to view up to 144 cameras at once across multiple VECTUS DVRs.

Sanctum Soho Hotel

The Sanctum Soho Hotel is an oasis of comfort, style and sophistication in the heart of London’s buzzing West End. Loved by many celebrities, the hotel is a celebration of the neighbourhood in which it stands: like Soho itself, the hotel exudes an edgy glamour, and both its design and ambience have an artsy, bohemian flair. 

The Sanctum Soho Hotel has recently upgraded their DVR. The Vectus G-Class 16 channel DVR (VTDVR16G) was chosen due to its ultra responsive GUI and expansive search facilities. Search features include multi-time, smart search and panoramic. The Vectus G-Class is an ideal recorder for a busy hotel where response times to incidents are vital for the security of the customer.

Token House Business Centre

Token House Business Centre in the City of London is a Grade II listed Victorian building, and was formerly occupied by the Queen's stockbrokers. It has recently been refurbished to its former glory.

Token House is one of a group of 27 business centres whose CCTV systems have recently been upgraded to VECTUS S-Class DVRs (VTDVR16S)and a range of S-PRO 700TVL Sony Effio-E cameras (SPD70/36RW). These sites are all being monitored by one of a huge number of professional remote monitoring centres currently working closely with LUXRITE and monitoring VECTUS DVRs.


The Client required a new CCTV system which would give them full coverage of the perimeter fencing and grounds of the Airport.  LUXRITE advised on the following solution.
LUXRITE supplied 40pcs of IR Bullet Cameras (SPQ60/2812R), which were installed on the perimeter fencing, allowing the control room to view up to 50 meters day and night. Also there are 21 fully functional speed dome cameras (SPPTZ54/37XV) in place, which are set on different patterns for general surveillance. All the SPPTZ54/37XV are controlled by using our Control Keyboard. The cameras are connected to 7 units of VECTUS S-Class DVRs (VTDVR16S). These have been networked to be monitored using the powerful new VECTUS VMS software which can be used to view up to 144 cameras at once across multiple VECTUS DVRs. The VMS Software is installed on various workstations around the airport allowing rapid response to any incidents that may occur.

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Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the UK with four operational terminals that cover 12.14 square kilometers, and high security is the top concern to all passengers and personnel.

Our solution was to implement LUXRITE's NVR software and 162pcs 2MP IP cameras enable high quality video recording with high stability in a 24x7 base over all critical environments in x-ray zones and LUXRITE Control Workstation Software for central video monitoring & management.

Purfleet Industrial Park, Essex, UK

Purfleet Industrial Park is a vast and busy industrial estate in Essex. It has over seventy units and is home to over 50 businesses.

After looking at various options regarding upgrading their current CCTV, Purfleet industrial park working with one of the top installers in Essex opted for using LUXRITE’s MegaPixel IP solution.  The job comprises of six phases.  The first phase is complete and comprises of Arecont Vision 5 megapixel bullet cameras, and VIVOTEK IP8362 IP bullet cameras. The rest of the phases will bring the total number of cameras on the site to thirty five. These will comprise of twenty seven Arecont Vision 5 megapixel bullet cameras and eight VIVOTEK IP8362 IP bullet cameras. Recording and live view is through the LUXRITE Enterprise M635-C048 NVR. This is a forty eight channel system which can live view and record at up to 20MP per channel. The unique ROI (Region of Interest) allows  to zoom into specific regions of the camera and to be viewed in multiple displays. All the regions can be viewed while viewing the entire image at the same time. The ROI feature when working with a 5MP camera allows the security guard to capture the number plates on the front gate. The ROI can be used in live view and playback.  This is an on-going project with IP cameras and LUXRITE NVRs to be added over the coming years.

Purfleet Industrial Park, Essex, UK

The primary school required a High Definition CCTV system to assist in loss protection and general Health and Safety for staff and students.

The solution had to include cameras that can cover vast distances and areas. We opted for two Arecont Vision 8 megapixel panoramic 180 degree dome cameras (AV8185DN).  These allowed us to get the exact coverage we needed without compromising on quality. Working with our NVR’s Region of Interest feature (ROI), we were able to zoom in on key areas while keeping the general overview at the same time. The ROI feature is a great tool for investigating incidents and responding quickly to many matters that arise.  Other cameras used were two SPIPQ20-3616R-20M (2 Megapixel, IR bullet cameras) and a Vivotek FD8134.

San Francisco Seaport

Problem & Issue:
- Richmond is one of the major ports in San Francisco bay – the area is too big to patrol
- Critical and sensitive areas for homeland security concerns
- Need short deployment time with long video recording time

Solution & Answer:
- LUXRITE M600 Megapixel HD NVR provides months of stable recording with 160 x AXIS IP cameras via BelAir wireless technology
- Promptly capture any suspicious activities day and night by integrating ObjectVideo analytic video system

USA Government Building

USA Miami Government Building. Special request: critical and sensitive area in Miami Dade County.
We supplied LUXRITE M350 Megapixel NVR and 24pcs 1.3 MP IP cameras.

USA Dodge Luxury

Location: Dodge Luxury, Virginia
Special Request: to protect Dodge cars and trucks in Virginia
Solution: LUXRITE Megapixel NVR and 24pcs 3MP IP cameras - NVR with high performance and flexibility to enhance megapixel cameras with high reliability.

China high speed railway

With high-speed train runs up to 350 km/h (220 mph), China Railway High-speed (CRH) transports passengers between Beijing South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Station - total length of 1,318 km with 25 stations.
LUXRITE supplied Megapixel NVR M640, M620, M350 and 300pcs IP cameras for video stream and facial recognition over the 25 stations.

Auckland City Surveillance

- City Wide Surveillance with 150 x PTZ cameras for 3 major Government departments
- Monitoring Instant traffic status around Auckland for Transport Department to react to any incidents
- Police track down crimes by spotting suspicious actions on the street and recorded video for evidence
- Made use of different cameras and video encoders from AXIS, BOSCH and SONY

Transport department:
- Monitoring City wide traffic especially in downtown area
- Video Wall consist of 15 x monitors to view over 80 cameras at one time
- Look after traffic for Rugby World Cup 2011 events in Auckland, New Zealand
- Coordinate with Police to make the office hours less jammed

Traffic Operacions Center:

- Video Wall consists of 45 x monitors to display all motorway cameras and retrieve Transport Dept’s cameras through LUXRITE E100 (CMS work station) for remote monitoring
- 5 to 6 operators will be working at their desk and control the video wall with M600 Megapixel HD NVR at the same time
- Training room with another set of LUXRITE E100 for new operators to get familiar or special operations


Downtown Police Station:
- Police cameras monitoring on events happening on the streets
- Using PTZ control to trace and track down possible crime scene
- Successfully captured and recorder murder attempt and bullying events as evidence in court

Auckland City Hall

Project Information:
- Require multiple megapixel cameras for new City Hall surveillance monitoring
- Central Control Room to manage megapixel IP cameras, including real-time PTZ control, alarm management and camera tours to large LCD monitors in a 24x7 bases via a LUXRITE K200 switching joystick keyboard

Air France

Air France at Charles De Gaulle Airport required has a new facility to test all of its mission-critical airplane engines, requirinig reliable IP systems. LUXRITE provided Megapixel NVR  M350, Megapixel Control Workstation E200, Switching Keyboard K205 to manage industrial top-tier IP cam Pelco Sarix and guard this facility in a 24x7 base operation.

Paris Eiffel Tower

There are more than 600pcs of traditional 700TVL analog cameras installed to protect this world famous French landmark. France Government plans to upgrade Eiffel Tower protection by using megapixel cameras. LUXRITE M600 Megapixel Enterprise NVR Series has the best performance with high resolution IP cameras which was chosen for France Gov Phase-I installation for the evaluation.

Turkey City Surveillance

Project Information:
- Turkey city surveillance for the city of Urfa
- Need a total solution to cover 18584 Km² surveillance

Solutions & Answer :

- Each LUXRITE E200 CMS Workstation supports 4 large LCD monitors in Police Central Control Room
- 3 of E200 cover all of IP cameras and maps for Urfa Police HD NVR is built with the flexibility to allow Police to extend the number of cameras easily


Project Information & Problem:
- Integrated with SmartTag Tollgate systems to IP surveillance systems
- The highways in KL, Malaysia
- Take video clips or snapshots when cars pass through 3 different paid system

Solution & Answer :
- Using LUXRITE Integration Gateway C700 send command to NVRs & IP cams to trigger recording and take snapshots
- Using LUXRITE E100 CMS workstation to live monitoring and video playback
- When cards pass through tollgates, tollgate system triggered alarms to an integration gateway C700


Project Information:
- Several Malaysian Banks has adopted the VMS Solution to secure their sites
- Estimate to have over 300 Bank branches installed with solution over Year 2012
- 2 units of LUXRITE M200 Megapixel NVR in each Bank branch together with Arecont Vision 8 Megapixel and SONY Full HD IP cameras to provide a secure CCTV solution


Project Information:
- BNP PARIBAS in Paris looking for new IP surveillance systems to protect Bank staffs and asset
- By adapting LUXRITE M600 Megapixel HD NVR links to Pelco Saris and ACTI megapixel cameras with the integration with alarm systems via modbus IO module for a 24x7 bases surveillance monitoring


Project Information:
- Large Commercial Building – Sathorn Square, the best downtown and high-raise buildings area in Bangkok
- 6 x LUXRITE M620 Megapixel HD NVRs, 1 x LUXRITE E100 (CMS work station) to manage 192 x Arecont Vision Megapixel cameras to protect Sathorn


Problem & issue:
- Old DVR systems failed to stop crime in the super markets
- Analog cameras can’t provide clear image/video for hard evidence
- Limited remote access from DVR

Solution & Answer:
- There were full megapixel camera solutions provided for all super market stores
- All of LUXRITE M200 Megapixel HD NVR support triplet video functions of multiple megapixel cameras: live, recording and playback simultaneously


Project Background and Requirements:
- By Abu Dhabi government law, all new shopping malls are requested to install with latest IP surveillance technology
- Big shopping mall with nearly 350 x SONY IP cameras monitored by a large CCTV wall with 12 x 42”monitors in the central control room
- N+1 Failover solution is implemented by M900 Failover Server
- All videos are recorded and stored up to 180 days by applying for LUXRITE M800 series DAS Extended Storage Server


Project Information:
- The largest finance center in UAE, new finance center comes with 400,000 sqm of commercial office buildings, luxury shopping malls, and top resort hotel
- 1200 x SONY IP cameras deployed with a largest CCTV wall in its control center, 180 days recording on latest LUXRITE M800 DAS storage systems
- N+1 Failover solution, LUXRITE M900, is implemented to guarantee its 24x7 surveillance operation

Crownle Plaza Hotel

UAE Abu Dhabi Crowne Plaza Hotel is a global chain hotel which low-cost analog system required to be upgraded to new and robust IP system. The hotel was supplied with 3 Megapixel NVRs, 189pcs cameras with SONY encoder, extended SAS JBOD, Megapixel CMS E90. 1+3 SAS JBOD combination for each NVR achieved long term recording, connecting with multiple CMS for Video Wall monitoring.

Criwne Plaza Hotel logo


Project Background and Requirements:
- A landmark complex in Hong Kong
- With LUXRITE HD M630 enterprise NVR and CMS Work Station connecting with Arecont 320 x megapixel cameras, successfully protects this large facility in a 24x7 bases
- IFC Central Control Center with 44 x large LCD monitors constructing a reliable surveillance base to access any video any time


Project Background and Requirements:
- World leading luxury stores in Hong Kong busy shopping area: LOUIS VUITTON, BALLY, total 40x stores
- LUXRITE M600 Megapixel HD NVR with Arecont high resolution megapixel cameras successfully protect expensive goods in the stores in a 24x7 bases
- Highly reliable LUXRITE HD NVR is needed to meet the stores mission critical requirement


Project Information:
- One of the most important & finest museums in China, presenting Chinese treasures and antiques with million people visit each year
- At its first phase installation, 2 of LUXRITE M640 NVRs with AXIS megapixel PTZ cameras managed by LUXRITE E150 CMS work station were provided, to construct a seamless surveillance systems in Beijing for China government mission-critical operation


- LUXRITE's flagship NVR M640 with ARECONT 360 and 180 panoramic 8M Megapixel cameras, 24x7 for 6 long-term months recording
- LUXRITE E100 links multiple buildings/facilites into customer’s central control room for 24x4 monitoring and management


Top Security Military Base in Taiwan:
- LUXRITE M600 Megapixel HD NVR for mission critical application for Taiwan Military security
- Connect to megapixel cameras for day-and-night top security surveillance
- LUXRITE E100 Central Control Room solution to support large LCD screen for 24x7 real time monitoring

Taipei 101, Taiwan

Taiwan landmark, Taipei 101 located in financial and shopping area with grand opening in 2004 installed thousands of analog cameras. Yet, a kidnapping and extortion case in parking areas awaked safety concern. Taipei 101 upgraded system to robust IP solution - with Luxrite Megapixel NVR and Arecont Vision cameras.

Arecont Vision cameras


Malta Freeport, located in the heart of the Mediterranean, ranked among the top
European ports and is the third largest transshipment and logistics centre in the region. Due to its
law enforcement under ISPS Code, the IP Surveillance System is required to consistently support
governments evaluating risks and offset with changes in threat and vulnerability for ships and port
facilities, including certain equipments, monitoring and controlling access, and monitoring the
activities of people and cargo.

In order to meet the aforesaid requirements, there are more than 60pcs of 2M megapixel
cameras implemented and controlled in central management room to provide 24x7 basis
monitoring via fiber backbone network.


Valletta is the capital of Malta, and its Grand Harbor is busy every day transporting thousands of
passengers and tourists via cruise terminal along the way of its coast line. As an EU Member
State since 2004, as well as the impact of 9/11 attack, Malta needs to provide a secure trading
spot and ensure the world that it is an internationally safe region at all times.

Hence, a project of implementing more than 50pcs of ARECONT VISION 3M megapixel cameras and scalable backend support system is required and installed at the terminal gate. LUXRITE M600 series NVR server class rack mount also maximizes video cropping capability. With provided subchannel
function, the system helps to save storage cost effectively, up to 75%.

Mexico Prison

Mission-critical facility, Mexico Prison, were looking for highly reliable IP video surveillance solution. Our solution provided them with LUXRITE Megapixel M640 NVR, multiple IP cameras and Megapixel CMS Workstation E150. Enterprise NVR with redundant power and RAID 5 support connected to central control room for real-time monitoring for 24x7 basis.
Mexico Prison


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