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Key Features:

- Compatible with both fixed speed and proportionally controlled variable speed domes
- No additional cabling required. Designed to operate over 500m using standard CT125 coaxial cable
- Video launch amplifier provides loss compensation for optimum picture quality
- Will operate on 20mA current loop as standard for situations where coax control is impractical
- Low voltage supply
- Can be supplied from domes PSU
- Small & compact design


Model Number PTZRECEIVER01
Power Supply 12-36VDC or 24V AC
Max Load 100mA
Features Unit auto tunes to coaxial signal
LED readout for continual system status
Video launch amplifier provided with Gain and Lift adjustments
Video input 1V p-p 75Ω terminated input via BNC socket
Video Output 1V p-p 75Ω impedence input via BNC socket
Dimensions 69(W) X 57(D) X 36(H) mm
Temperature Range -10°C - +40°C
Weight 500g